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The Benefits of Condo Living

Condo living is an increasingly popular option among buyers and renters who want to downsize and have access to upscale amenities.

Here are the benefits of condo living in the South Bay communities:

  1. Amazing views

    Manhattan Beach’s most coveted condos command stunning views of the shoreline and the Pacific. Live in one of these units and be surrounded by the South Bay’s gorgeous scenery. Not only is the Pacific a great to wake up to in the mornings, it’s also bound to impress guests when they come over for dinners and cookouts.

  2. Easy maintenance

    Since condos are generally more compact than single-family homes and townhomes, you won’t have to do a whole lot of cleaning and sorting. You’ll also find yourself bringing less and less stuff into the home, since the limited space makes you more discerning of the things you buy.

    Condo associations also take charge of the maintenance of exterior features and shared areas for a monthly fee. That means no yard work and paint jobs, freeing up your time and enabling you to do more of the things you truly enjoy.

    Condo living is a boon if you’re an avid traveler – many South Bay communities offer lock-and-leave units that don’t require a lot of maintenance, allowing you to go on holiday for extended periods.

  3. Tight security

    Most condo buildings have guarded entry points and CCTVs in shared areas. That means that only residents, friends, family, and authorized individuals like admin and maintenance are allowed to freely enter the premises. Everyone else will have to present valid IDs and justify their entry.

    This translates to more peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that the grounds you live on are safe and secure.

  4. Shared amenities

    Condo living gives you access to amenities that may be too cumbersome to maintain on your own. These facilities include resort-style swimming pools, fitness centers, gardens, function rooms, and more. These amenities enhance your experience of the South Bay, allowing you to make the most of its unique oceanfront setting.

  5. Sense of community

    Living in a condo building puts you in close proximity with your neighbors, and you’ll likely bump into them whenever you use the pool, take the trash out, or take the dog for a walk. This provides plenty of opportunity for socializing.

    Some condo buildings also organize community events to bring everyone together. These include the typical Fourth of July and Christmas celebrations, along with marathons, cookouts, markets, and fundraisers.

  6. Location

    The most sought after condos in the South Bay are right on the beach, giving you access to sand and surf. Others are within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Either way, you win. If you want to enjoy more of what Manhattan Beach has to offer, consider purchasing a condo in the area.

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